Self-Leveling Adjustable Pedestal Set- 55mm to 90 mm

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Makofix self-levelling pedestals are specially designed to accommodate differences in the paving surface below the pedestal. 

The heads incorporate a gimbal mechanism which allow a rotational tilt of up to 6°. This can compensate for falls in the subgrade, or alternatively create a slight fall on the paved surface to direct surface water to the joints.

FREE DELIVERY  to most of UK postcodes. 


  • This universal self levelling adjustable pedestal is perfect for that require a raised installation:
  • Adjustable height of 55 mm to 90 mm
  • Suitable for paving slabs and timber decking
  • Millimetre precision adjustability
  • Superior Quality
  • Weight tolerance over 1.4 tonne
  • Withstand sub zero temperatures
  • Red colored soft top surface provides sound insulation and better grip, also prevents slipping.

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