How to extend your outdoor living space ?

When you choose the perfect paving, one that complements the trees, bushes, flowers and herbs flourishing and thriving in your garden, you can transform your garden into your personal paradise where you can walk and commune with nature.

However it can be overwhelming to choose the right paving as there are so many different types. Thankfully, once you understand the basic features of different types of paving, you will be in a better position to choose the right one for a garden path, patio or even the driveway.

Sandstone Paving

If you are looking to give your outdoor living space a more contemporary look and feel with a touch of traditional warmth, you shouldn’t think twice about installing Premium Sandstone Paving. Made from natural sandstone, this paving is available in a multitude of hues. The earthy tones of brown, sandy, yellow, and beige are striking and eye-catching, and will envelope your garden in artistic modernity that will win many compliments.

Granite Paving

Granite is extremely durable and you will find that it does not wear very easily. Hence, it is the perfect choice for garden pathways and patios. You can easily install granite patio slabs that offer the right traction to footwear, making it one of the best paving options if you have kids and seniors around. These slabs are large and available in hues of pink, black and grey. Come with a creative layout for the granite slabs and you will immediately find your garden transformed.

Limestone Paving

If you want to give your outdoor living space an enviable finish, opt for limestone paving. It has the consistency of manufactured stone, but offers a finish of a natural stone. Another advantage is that limestone is easy to manipulate and create awe-inspiring designs. The only issue you will face is the constraints in the color. Unlike granite or sandstone paving, you will not fine limestone paving in a kaleidoscope of colors. Also, remember that lime is an alkali and hence, it should not be exposed to any acid. After laying limestone paving, seal it to ensure it does not come in contact with harsh acidic chemicals.

Granite Setts

There is no need to get confused looking at this name. Granite setts are used as block paving to create a dazzling look and feel in the garden. You can create some of the most amazing designs in your garden with this paving and you can rest assured that your garden will turn into cynosure for all eyes. The royal silver grey color or the majestic charcoal black will give the right touch to your outdoor living space.

Paving is a great way to extend the indoors to the outdoors. Or, you can use paving to create the perfect transition from indoors to outdoors. So, if you haven’t thought of it, you are missing out on a lot. Select the best paving for your needs from this list and decorate your garden and patio, so that they look trendy, stylish and chic without losing their functionality and practicality.

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